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I didn't want to admit it, but...

Sat Apr 30, 2016, 10:41 AM
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I didn't want to admit it and I'd been blaming my busy life. Yes, I'm busy,  far more busy than I've ever been in my life, but I still have to come to terms with the way things are.

I am honest to all that is righteous in this world absolutely and discouragingly uninspired. I want to write, honest I do, but when pen meets paper there just isn't any of the usual sparks of creativity and when there is, it's always a short lived flame, leaving me with this incomplete wick in which I can do nothing with. I'm tired at staring at a blank page and hoping something will come or that I'll find the muse to take what I have and run with it.

So I have decided to just post the unfinished crap I have written here on DA. I'm hoping that having it posted might at least help me stop lamenting over how they'll all likely never be complete. Maybe then I'll be able to start something new and make it through from beginning to end.

So sorry for the inactivity and for not responding to comments as timely as I should, but I've started avoiding logging into to DA since it just reminded me how much I haven't done or been able to do in months. And though all of the things I'll be posting will be incomplete, maybe you guys will find at least some sort of entertainment in them.

I really do appreciate all love and support  you lovelies send my way. Your kind words have helped inspire me on numerous occasions, but this time around I think I'm just really down and out. But hopefully not for long. So for now, enjoy these little blurbs from my mind.



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Bonjour mes amis,

My 'alias', shall we say, is mikinataka. Type that in google and you can swiftly find my other works across the web. My name is actually Allison, but Allie is fine too. Or you can just call me Miki. Almost everyone does!
I'm a creative writer ( I use the title writer quite loosely. I only write because it's fun, no real obligations.) and I focus primarily in fan fiction with a few occasional original writings along the way.

Hopefully you all can procure a decent few interesting reads within what works I have available~!

:bulletblue:Name: Allison (Allie)

:bulletblue:Birthday: March 5

:bulletblue:Favorite color(s): Aquamarine & mint green

:bulletblue:Hobbies: Video gaming, reading, writing, and daydreaming

:bulletblue:Favorite flower(s): Crocus flowers & blue baby's breaths

:bulletblue:Favorite OC names: Saffron, Blake, Blair, Verite, Gwenevieve (Eve), Madalyn, Kristofferson, and almost any male name that starts with 'J' [I have an obsession with J names]

:bulletblue:Favorite food: Mexican & Chinese {But Italian is good and so is French food and Japanese and...I just like to eat.}

:bulletblue:Favorite languages: English, French, Swedish, German, & Italian.
(But I only speak English and French with some German and Spanish in between)

:bulletblue:Favorite Ice cream: Good old-fashioned Chocolate Chip & those delicious Magnum Bars
(Hurray for Belgian chocolate~!)



Fandom: Fallout 4
'Series' Title: When Flames Rise (and Ashes Fall)
Primary Character(s): Charlene "Charlie" Reynolds (OC), Hancock
Secondary Character(s): Deacon
Rating: Teen/PG-13(?)


“I want to know what inspires you most and, I swear to all that is righteous on this green earth, if you say me, I’ll kill you.”

Hancock laughed jovially, wiping at his eyes as though tears could actually accumulate in his eyes. An old habit of his, perhaps.

“Firstly, doll face, there's not a lot of green going around these days, unless you mean the rads of course.”

Charlene rolled her eyes, but the small smirk tugging at the corner of her lips let the ghoul know how amused she really was.

“I'm being serious, Hancock.”

“And so am I,” Charlene opened her mouth to deliver a swift rebuttal, but Hancock was quick to silence her with a soft hush, “I said firstly, which implies that there must at least be a secondly. Give me some credit, hon. Now if you'd let me finish, we can get to the second part.”

The brunette folded her arms across her chest, still fighting back a genuine smile, “Go on.”

“The answer is me."

"Are you being a sarcastic asshole?"

Hancock barked with laughter, "Geez, babe. You're killing me here! I mean me, as in myself. Honest!"

"Uh-huh..." she uttered with the roll of her eyes.

“Truth. I'm talking about myself, but not me right now. He and I have a lot of work on our hands at the moment. But me in the future, now that's a man who's got his shit together!”

Charlene only nodded, encouraging the man to continue without breaking his thought process with her voice.

“I mean, I can see it now. Future-me has got it all figured out! He helps people and shit like that. He makes a difference, ya know.”

Charlene smirked, “Uh-huh.”

“He’s patient, kind, helpful, eased up on the chems a little too, I figure.”

Charlene feigned surprise, dramatically placing her hand over heart, “You? Giving up chems? Why I'd sooner see radstags fly.”

“Yeah, you see, future-me’s got this gal he admires. She's a lady, but don't be fooled. She'll still eat you alive. I've never seen a woman get a entire squad of Gunners to stand down just from scolding them. A sight to behold, really.”

Charlene flushed at the compliment and the smile she'd been resisting finally revealed itself.

“Anyhow, she ain’t one for chems. Hates ‘em really. Just figured future-me’d be man enough to let them go if it meant she'd stay. Plus being hounded about it all the damn time blows.”

Charlene laughed with the shake of her head.

“Point is the muse for me today is the hope for a better me tomorrow and all that rot.”

Charlene nodded, her eyes cast downward. Hancock honestly expected a witty quip from the woman or at least a chuckle, but instead he received contemplative silence. He shifted his weight from his right foot to his left as he awaited the brunette answer. This silence killing him.

“I like that, your answer I mean.”

“Is that right?”

She nodded, “Truth be told, I kind of expected some bullshit answer or for you to dodge the question, but you faced it head on and answered genuinely. I'm willing to admit I was wrong. In fact, in this case, I'm very pleased to be wrong.”

"See, I can be good when I want to."

"I suppose," the young inventor sang, rocking back and forth on heels in an almost juvenile manner.

"But don't you think I deserve a reward for being so obedient."

"You think?" Charlene inquired, an eyebrow cocked, as she took a small step forward, "A what would that reward be, I wonder."

Hancock's gaze shifted upwards as he feigned thought, "Nothing crazy. Just an answer to a yes or no question. Real simple, I'm sure."

"Oh yeah? And what exactly would the question be?"

For a brief moment, Hancock paused, the only sound being the gravel beneath his feet as he all but closed the remaining distance between them.

“Can I kiss you?”

Charlene replied with a soft and mirthful chuckle.

“I thought you'd never ask…” Hancock leaned in towards her, “But no.”

The ghoul blanched at the finger the brunette had placed against his lips, “What? Seriously? That's cold, babe.”

Charlene laughed somewhat mischievously as she removed his hand from her waist.

“Nothing against you, it's just Sturges and I have some work to do ourselves, especially on the turrets after that last raider attack. Not to mention, the malfunction with a couple of the cages. Sturges thinks that lightning storm a couple of days ago must’ve knocked something out of whack–his words, not mine.”

Hancock frowned, “And that means no kiss because…?”

“Isn't it obvious? A kiss is never enough with you, Hancock. Besides, everyone knows ghouls are most active at night.”

She gestured to the setting sun with the jerk of her head and Hancock followed the motion. His frown deepened.

“ You're joking, right?”

Charlene stood on her tiptoes to lay a kiss on his cheek before whispering in his ear, “ You wish.”

She then took a step back and then another and  threw him a saucy wink. She turned on her heels and laced her hands behind, whistling as she casually meandered to the workshop to meet up with Sturges. The chuckle behind Hancock is the only things that made him remove his eyes from Charlene’s retreating form.

“Damn,” Deacon said around a smug smirk, “No love tonight, huh?”

If it had been anyone else, Hancock might've deigned it necessary to reply with a few decent punches, but it was Deacon and everyone knew that Deacon was...well Deacon.

“So it would seem,” the ghoul replied with a mock sigh and Deacon laughed.

“Man, you are no fun!” Deacon barked, slapping the ghoul on his back, “But I can see why you're not worried.”

“Oh,” Hancock uttered with the quirk of his brow, “How so?”

“Well, for once in your life you’ve decided to settle down.”

Hancock scoffed but the sound came out more like a choke. Deacons smirked, ever the observant one (that one). Deacon shrugged, shoving his hands into his pockets.*

“You may not realize it, but everyone else does,” Deacon paused to peer at Hancock over the rim of his shades, “Not to mention the itsy-bitsy fact that if you ever hurt her, Nate, Valentine, Piper, Preston, Danse, and Codsworth would kill you. Hell, I think even Cait might be inclined to throw her hat in the ring. The Big Guy too, if their budding friendship is anything to go by.”

Hancock groaned, but said nothing. Deacon took the ghoul’s silence as a agreement before he carried on.

“Besides, you’d have to be insane to walk away from her anyway. Girls like her only come around every what,” Deacon removed his hands from his pockets and pretended to count on his fingers, “Every two centuries or something like that.”

“That was terrible.”

Deacon tutted with a ‘languished’ shake of his head, “Another fantastic joke wasted. You guys seriously need to find a sense of humor.”

Hancock smirked, “Trust me, Sunglasses. My sense of humor is fine and dandy. You’re just not funny.”

“But I’m better than Danse, right?”

Hancock let out a bark of laughter, “Hell. Yes.”

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